Ryan Reynolds Unleashes Epic Pumpkin Spice Rant: “F**k You, Pumpkin Spice”

Ryan Reynolds
Aviation Gin

Have you been able to feel that cool nip in the air as of late? That my friends means that Fall is right around the corner.

Leaves are changing colors, Halloween movies are making their way onto your TV guide, and above all else, pumpkin spice makes its triumphant return.

I actually just bought my first pumpkin-spice-themed product yesterday (coffee creamer), and I’ve officially ushered in the Fall season.

There a lot of people that love pumpkin spice season, which seems to start earlier and earlier and grow longer and longer each year. However, there are just as many people that absolutely despise the idea of a spiced pumpkin flavor, and I think it is safe to say that Ryan Reynolds spoke for all of them in his latest advertisement for Aviation Gin.

Everyone knows Reynolds as the comedic and charismatic actor that has made himself a household name with roles in movies like The Proposal and Deadpool. He’s also made a number of good investments with some of that movie money, becoming a part owner in a soccer club (Wrexham A.F.C.), a phone company, and his liquor brand Aviation American Gin.

And speaking of Aviation Gin, Reynolds just put out a commercial that’s supposed to be for his liquor brand, but instead seems more focused on being against pumpkin spice. He walks into the frame of the camera behind a bar and says:

“It’s nearly Fall, which means the entire universe will once again be losing its mind for Pumpkin Spice. Well not at Aviation. Not on my watch.”

He then walks through the process of making a cocktail called a Negroni, which doesn’t include any sort of pumpkin, spice, or pumpkin spice whatsoever. At one point, he makes viewers think he will be putting a pumpkin spice spin on the drink, saying:

“Take a pumpkin spice cinnamon stick and shove it right up your ass.”

He then throws the cinnamon stick at the camera and continues to make the Negroni drink.

As he stirs the ingredients all together, he asks those who are making the drink along with him to join in on questioning pumpkin spice:

“As we’re stirring, we’re going to take a moment to ponder why it is that once a year, for two or three months, we lose our f**king mind over pumpkin spice. What the f**k are we doing people?

I’m not sending my kids off to school with a f**king cumin yogurt in their lunchbox…F**k you pumpkin spice.”

The whole thing is hilariously on-brand for the typical comedy we are used to seeing from Reynolds. Make sure to stay tuned until the very end of the clip because the video doesn’t actually conclude until Ryan comes back to apologize (appearing to be in a hostage-like situation) for talking bad about pumpkin spice.

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock