Influencer Mocked For Claiming She’s “Instagram Famous” During Airplane Meltdown

Morgan Osman plane

If there’s one thing the internet’s good at, it’s making stupid people famous.

I mean, if it weren’t for the internet, I would be living a life where I was blissfully unaware of who the Kardashians are or why anybody cares about them (although to be fair I still don’t know why anybody cares about them).

And influencer culture has gotten absolutely out of control, with people racking up millions of followers on Instagram (and the millions of dollars that can bring with it) for seemingly no reason at all.

Exhibit A? Meet Morgan Osman.

Osman is an Instagram influencer with nearly a million followers, though I’d say most of you reading this have probably never heard of her (and neither had I until I saw this video).

Apparently Osman made headlines for claiming to have dated Sam Ashgari, the husband of Britney Spears, and has also appeared on “The Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen. So once again, still not sure why she’s famous, but I digress.

Video circulated from an American Airlines flight recently where Osman apparently got into an altercation with another passenger, with the video picking up with Osman exchanging words with the unidentified man as she removes her luggage from the overhead compartment:

“Call me a b*tch again. Call me a b*tch again. I did nothing wrong… You shut the f*ck up and your b*tch.”

As Osman gets her suitcase and begins to walk off the plane, she notices a fellow passenger recording her and brags about being “Instagram famous.”

“Film me. I’m Instagram famous you f*cking bum.”

I’m not sure that being “Instagram famous” is a real thing. I mean, if you have to tell everybody on the plane that you’re famous, are you REALLY famous?

But anyway, once the video started making its rounds over on X (formerly known as Twitter), users began to absolutely blast the influencer for being famous in her own mind – and for flying economy despite being “Instagram famous.”

I guess being Instagram famous doesn’t mean as much these days as it used to…

The comments on her Instagram posts are hilarious, though. If she wasn’t “Instagram famous,” she sure is now… for all the wrong reasons.

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