Cincinnati Bengals Fan (Already In Handcuffs) KOs Bystander With Gnarly Headbutt

Bengals fan
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The headache this man probably has…

Football season is back, and with that comes the wild fans you see at stadiums. On this week’s lineup, a Cincinnati Bengals fan is taken down to the ground during the game.

While a good tackle moment always makes for excellent viewing, the man takes it a step further.

Once the cops get him off the ground, hands behind the back, in handcuffs, the arrested man absolutely NAILS a bystander (who appeared to be giggling at the situation) with a gnarly headbutt.

He hit this guy square in the forehead, sending his glasses flying off his head and the man to the ground. Dude folded like a cheap lawn chair…

It’s one of those hits that inflict pain just watching it.

The police quickly pulled the man back and put him in a headlock. Some dude even grabbed him by the throat…

One of the officers looks absolutely stunned at what just happened.

Creativity points to the headbutter; I haven’t seen one of those in quite some time. But you have to get crafty when you can’t throw a punch.

You’ll be watching this more than once.

Naturally, with videos this wild, the comment section is filled with gold.

“KO’d him too. Won’t lie, that’s impressive.”

“He just caught another fat charge!”

“What’s that horrendous outfit too.”

“Probably called him a ginger or something so totally justified.”


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