Bear Purrs Like A Cat While It Gets Brushed

Bear purrs like a cat
Orphaned Wildlife Center

We’ve all seen videos of the brutal side of bears, typically when they’re hunting down prey, or fending off predators that are trying to turn a mama bear’s cubs into dinner for their own.

Needless to say, bears can be some of the most dangerous creatures in all of nature, especially when they feel threatened.

However, aside from those circumstances, bears tend to be afraid of human interaction.

Of course, I’m not telling you it’s okay to ever approach a bear, because one of these son of a guns could send you to the afterlife in a heartbeat.

But speaking of friendly bears, here is a perfect example.

Video footage posted by the Orphaned Wildlife Center is currently going viral, of a 17-year-old, “domesticated” Syrian bear latching onto the owner’s leg and literally purring like a cat… only much louder.

I’ll admit, I was today years old when I found out that bears can purr, but this is about cute as all get out.

Susan and Jim Kowalczik run the Orphaned Wildlife Center, and wrote in the caption:

“This is Jenny, one of our adult Syrian brown bears, and yes that sound is her purring as she suckles on Susan’s hand.

Typically a cub thing, but even adult bears will do this when they feel completely happy and comfortable and loved.”

10/10 wholesome content right here.

Check it out:

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