Alligator Pays Early Morning Visit To Florida Front Door

Viral Hog

I used to live about 10 minutes away from where this video was taken… and I am shook.

It’s no secret alligators are pretty much everywhere in Florida. No lie, I’d see at least one a day and didn’t exactly live in a swamp, but for the most part they were always in or right next to a body of water.

But as we’ve seen quite a few times now, these modern day dinosaurs don’t always stay near the ponds, rivers, and lakes they roam. Remember when this 9 footer was caught in downtown Tampa and this guy sprinted straight into a suburban garage door?

Well, just the other month another homeowner got quite the surprise when they checked the Ring doorbell footage after being woken up by their dog barking at around 4:30am.

A pretty large, sneaky gator walked straight up to a Wesley Chapel home, possibly trying to get at one of the owner’s cats he was able to see in a side window.

Certainly not what you want to see crawling around your house…

“Gator was possibly chasing something and came upon one of my foster cats in the side window.

My dog heard the noise and barked at 4:30 AM, waking me up.

I checked the motion alert later and was quite shocked!”

Fortunately, his animals were safe inside and this guy didn’t bust through the glass like this monster did at a Clearwater House, but undeniably it proves, yet again, that Florida is the wildest state.

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A beer bottle on a dock