Bison Headbutts Mazda SUV On Yellowstone National Park Road

Bison yellowstone hits car
Mr. Mak

That’s gonna leave a mark…

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you want when visiting Yellowstone National Park.

On one hand, you obviously want to see some of the incredible wildlife in action. Sure, the gorgeous mountains, breathtaking hikes, and huge lakes are reason enough to make a trip, but when you have the potential to see massive herds of bison, grizzly bears, wolves, elk, and a litany of other creatures, that’s going to be what your mind focuses on.

Some people do end up focusing a bit too hard on getting close to wildlife and make some potentially deadly decisions (guy who got pinned by a bison, I’m talking about you) but even when you’re being relatively safe, there’s no guaranteeing that wild animals will behave as you want them too.

Case in point, this couple that drove their SUV through the park in hopes of seeing some sights and wound up getting attacked by a bison.

As happens pretty often, a group of bison meandered onto a road and were not allowing much traffic to flow through, which caused one car to try and sneak past. Unfortunately for them, the bison didn’t exactly like this large object encroaching on their space.

As the Mazda tried to both stay within its lane and not hit the bison, one took it as a challenge, lowered its horns, and full on headbutted the slow moving vehicle. It sounded like the bumper was punctured and it the headlight was also damaged, both of which cost way more money that it should to fix.

The people inside and the bison were just fine after the encounter, but it’s clear the man driving was less than happy about what happened and waved his hand in the classic “What the hell?” motion.

Gotta feel a little bad for the guy who probably shelled out a good amount just to get them there and now has to pay for some car repairs, but come on dude, you drove at a bison, what did you expect?

Expectations in a national park are always high, but it’s good to get a reminder like this to really understand exactly what might happen if you stumble upon a bison.

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