Florida High School Football Player Rips Helmet Off Opposing Player, Bashes Him In The Head With It

High school football attack

Yep, this is sickening.

This one all went down between Blountstown High and Marianna High in Calhoun County, Florida in the third quarter of a high school football game on September 8th.

Video footage is going viral of a Blountstown player pinning a Marianna player to the ground, slamming him multiple times, and ripping his helmet off and hitting him in the head with it like what Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett did to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph back in 2019.

According to WJHG 7, the two players were identified as Gavin Lambeth (Blountstown), and Ethan Lipford (Marianna).

Blountstown police confirmed that Lambeth was arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery.

Although Lipford remained in the game, he was later life-flighted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to be treated for a serious concussion.

Neither school has commented on the situation at this point.

I’ll admit, this is pretty disgusting to watch, regardless of any of the events leading up to this point. If the Blountstown player had hit the Marianna player in the right spot on the head, then he could’ve killed the kid.

Of course, I also have no idea how he remained in the game with a serious concussion so that falls on his own coaching staff, too.

I just hope that Lipford doesn’t suffer from any serious side effects from something as senseless as this.

CAUTION: Viewer discretion is advised.

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