Comedian Tim Hawkins Writes An Ode To Best Gas Station Ever, “Buc-ee’s”

Tim Hawkins
Tim Hawkins

An ode to the greatest gas station chain to ever exist…Buc-ee’s.

Now, if you are reading this and have not had a chance to grace a Buc-ee’s mid-road trip, my thoughts are going out to you. While the gas station is mildly overwhelming at some points, you can’t deny that it is a must-stop if you pass the sign for one on the interstate.

The Buc-ee’s phenomenon has overtaken the love for Loves, QuikTrips, or any other “nice” gas station you’d stop at growing up.

Buc-ee’s has everything you’d ever need. Food, drinks, snacks, fresh baked goods, brisket, home decor, apparel, booze, and so much more. If you told me that Buc-ee’s began to sell fishing rods, I’d believe you.

Comedian Tim Hawkins recognized the Buc-ee’s power and chose to capitalize on the mega rest stops, writing up a little ditty tipping his hat to Buc-ee himself.

While this song is meant to be a parody, I must admit it’s pretty dang catchy.

“All right, sit down. I’m going to do a new song, and if you get it…you just. get it.” 

He says, introducing the track.

The first verse hilariously notes that there are so many uncertainties in the world, like if Lady Gaga uses autotune…but one thing is sure: a stop at Buc-ee’s will be made.

The song’s best line is when he starts talking about the sometimes odd merchandise that Buc-ee’s carries.

“I know we’ll be stopping at Buc-ee’s
It’s my ritual
My stomach’s growing, gas tank’s empty, and my bladder is full
I’ve been hanging with the unwashed masses,
Bible verses on shot glasses
Take my Buc-ee baby.”

Once the track ends, Hawkins speaks into the mic:

“Who’s heard of Buc-ee’s…come on. Redneck Oasis.” 

Truly the perfect song to highlight all the amazing things Buc-ee’s has to offer.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock