Tiger Woods Shares Hilarious Tip For Amateur Golfers: “Don’t Watch F*cking YouTube”

Tiger Woods

Incase you haven’t heard, PGA Tour legend Tiger Woods has been spotted chipping golf balls on the driving range while making an appearance at the Nexus Cup in New Jersey, an amateur tournament that Woods hosts.

Of course, this is definitely not something to freak out about, because he didn’t make any full swings and still appears to be nowhere close to getting back into tournament golf again, as he continues to deal with the leg that he severely injured in a brutal car wreck back in 2021.

Nevertheless, it’s still great to see the 15-time major championship winner back out on the course again.

While he was there, one person in the crowd asked Woods the burning question all of us amateur golfers would like to know…

“What’s the one tip that you would give an amateur if he or she wanted to improve their game?”

Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting some deep rooted response from the GOAT of golf. However, Woods came up with a much more hilarious response:

“Don’t watch f*cking YouTube.”

Good call TW, good call.

But in the serious response, Tiger said:

“Go hit balls… Just beating balls.”

Shoutout to this guy for filming the whole legendary reaction from the man himself.

Check it out:

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