Hacked Roadside Sign In Houston Tells Drivers “Due To Weather, Go F**k Yourself”

Road sign

I know the heat across the country this summer has been unbearable, but this seems like it is taking things a little too far.

Those commuting to work in Houston, Texas this past weekend were startled to see an explicit message being shared on a temporary construction sign.

The bustling street in Houston had many drivers doing a double take as they drove by the orange electronic sign that shared this message:

“Due To Weather, Go F**k Yourself.”

Seems a little aggressive to me, even though the sign probably has a point. People who were passing by the sign snapped pictures and videos to prove that their eyes weren’t deceiving them, and began to post them onto social media, where the “F-bomb” sign has gone viral.

Mizanur Rahman, the editor-in-chief of the Houston Landing News, sent out one of the first pictures of the sign, saying:

“Well this made my commute to our office this morning rather entertaining. This is at the high-profile corner of Montrose and Westheimer just before some ongoing roadwork.”

It is believed that whoever was able to change the sign to the expletive message either had access to the sign’s controls or was able to hack it in some way. A box located on the bottom portion of the sign holds the message input controls, and the box is usually locked.

And the best part about the story is that the message apparently stayed up on the sign for over three hours after people initially started to report it. That means that plenty of Houstonians got to drive by and experience the uplifting message firsthand before it was finally replaced with what it was originally intended to say.

Houston, as well as the state of Texas, has had one of the hottest ever summers on record, so as vulgar as the sign may be, it does have a point. Though I’m sure there was probably a better way to say it…

X users couldn’t get over the sign’s message, sending out replies to the original post saying:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock