Buffalo Bills Reporter Apologizes For Hot Mic Comment On Stefon Diggs: “He’ll Look In My Face & Say ‘F You'”

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NFL Football came back this past weekend, and oh my goodness was it glorious.

The games weren’t all that great, and the NFL lost one of their star quarterbacks, but not even those things could ruin the return of professional football. There’s just something about the NFL, fantasy football, and degenerate betting returning around this time of the year that’s special.

Usually most of the drama takes place out on the field during the games, but occasionally, things get tense due to things that happen off the field. You’ll often see trash talk between teammates causing some awkward tension, though this particular situation involves a player and a reporter.

It’s no secret that a lot of professional athletes dislike speaking to the media. That’s why so many current and former athletes decided to just start their own podcasts, so they can say what they want to say, when they want to say it.

And it doesn’t help the media’s reputation when a mistake like this happens. A reporter for the Buffalo Bills was speaking to some other media members waiting for some of the Bills players to show up for a press conference and was caught on a “hot mic.”

She was first speculating who the Bills were going to send to talk to the media, saying:

“I think they are trying for Stefon (Diggs). Stefon and Micah (Hyde) is who they are trying for…”

That’s not the part that got her in trouble though. It’s what she says on the “hot mic” afterwards that has landed her in “hot water.” She continued:

“There’s no control over Stefon Diggs (laughs). He’s going to do what he wants to do.

He’ll look in my face and say ‘F you.’ That’s how he treats everybody.”


That’s not a good look for that reporter, who turned out to be Maddy Glab.

She later apologized and provided a bit of context for the comment, which if we are to take her at her word, was more about he ability to get him out for an interview than it was about him being an asshole.

She added that she meant no ill will and has enjoyed covering Stefon Diggs during his time in Buffalo:

“I want to take ownership for what I said today. I am very sorry for what I said and meant no ill will.

I respect the hell out of Stefon Diggs, and he has been one of my favorite players to cover.

For context, media was waiting for players to come out for press conferences when a reporter joking told me to go get Stefon Diggs.

I said I don’t have control over him – Stef marches to the beat of his own drum and I love that about him. He has a playful relationship with our video department, so that’s why I said he probably wouldn’t say yes to me grabbing him for an interview.

I should not have said what I said, and I apologize for that. Stef is not in the wrong, I am.”

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