14-Foot Alligator Sends Group Of Texas Girl Scouts Into A Panic

Alligator swiming

I always thought “summer camp horror movies” were just a bunch of baloney, but this video proves that there might be something to it.

A group of girl scouts were enjoying a camping trip in Texas at Huntsville State Park when they suddenly found themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Things got chaotic quickly when a presumed 14-foot alligator started swimming right towards the girl scouts as they swam off a platform just off the shore of the lake.

Video captured from someone standing nearby (and apparently not really helping) showed the massive gator seemingly targeting the swimming girl scouts, and adults having to step in to try and save the day.

Luckily all of the girls were able to escape the water safely, though that doesn’t mean that the encounter was any less terrifying. Ava Miller, one of the girl scouts, told her local news station:

“I was thinking ‘this is the day I die.’ It was moving faster than us, or about the same.”

That’s a pretty terrifying thought to have for someone that was just tryin to pick up a couple of scout badges on the trip. Another one of the girl scouts, Erin White, was safely standing on the platform out on on the water while the other scouts were frantically swimming to shore.

Not knowing they were in immediate danger, Erin jumped into the water with them:

“I thought they were leaving me to go, so I jumped off and followed them…

I was close enough to get hurt, and I didn’t even know it was there. So I should probably focus on my surroundings more.”

Being a part of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts is all about learning, though you never hope that the learning experience is “life threatening.”

Nichole Glenn, the troop leader of the girl scouts that were under attack by the alligator, couldn’t believe that her group was in a life or death situation. She told the local news station:

“There was no doubt in my mind that the alligator was going to try and eat somebody…

I always say that I love them (her troop) to death. I always say I would do anything for them, and now I definitely know I would do anything for them.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has removed “nuisance alligators” from this state park before, and are currently evaluating if they should do so with this behemoth of a gator.

I would say that should be an obvious “yes.”

Take a look at the horrifying video below:

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