Two Dudes Hilariously Watch Their Deck Get Destroyed By A Black Bear Looking For A Beehive: “That’s A Big Boy”

Black bear tears apart deck

Often times, we only see the brutality of bears, especially when it’s a mama bear protecting her cubs because she feels threatened in some way.

That situation typically doesn’t end too pretty for the creatures preying on the cubs.

However, there are also times where we get to see the wholesomeness of bears, and you come to the realization that these creatures have a cute side to them.

I’m not saying you should approach and try to pet them, because that’s a one way ticket to the afterlife, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy cool moments like these that were caught on video.

Here we have a black bear that found its way on somebody’s back porch.

Just hungry and looking for some food, you can see the bear has absolute wreaked havoc on the deck, ripping the wooden boards clean off to get to a beehive underneath. Using its strong sense of smell to track down a hive of bees, it was an easy demo job.

Although you can’t see it very well, the bear is getting attacked by several bees as it searches for the larvae, swatting occasionally, but not paying the hive much mind.

This is just further proof of how dedicated a bear is to snack on some food. Any of us would’ve already been running away in severe pain at this point.

The two dudes watching their deck get destroyed also provided some hilarious color commentary:

“Hey bear… is it demo day? Guy just wants some bees.”

“That’s a big boy… not liking those stings, is he?”

“Told you you shoulda let me kill that beehive… oh, he’s getting that honey, hey little Pooh Bear.”

“Guy made quick work of that deck… that’s a big nest, man.”

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock