Lainey Wilson Performs Billy Bob’s Concert Through Megaphone After Technical Difficulties

Lainey wilson country music

Lainey Wilson proves once again that she is one of the best in the business.

Last week, the Bell Bottom Country star took the stage as the world’s largest honky tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas.

@laineywilson In 2013 I sold merch for an artist at @BillyBobsTexas hoping one day I’d be on the stage of the worlds largest honky tonk. Ten years later, we did that and sold it out. Keep on dreamin, folks. 🎥 : Ty Nicholson 🎥 Ty Nicholson #billybobstexas #wildflowersandwildhorses #bellbottomcountry #fortworthtx #livemusic ♬ Wildflowers and Wild Horses – Lainey Wilson

Her electric energy filled the venue as she belted out some of her fan-favorite hits, but mid-show, Billy Bob’s experienced some technical difficulties.

@green_eyed_chinita She killed it!!! Even through the thundertorm that knocked out the sound for a few mins. Texas LOVES you Lainey!!! #laineywilson #laineywilsonmusic #billybobstexas #fortworth #fortworthtexas #countrymusic #dfw #stockyardsfortworthtx #stockyardstexas ♬ original sound – ⚡️🖤Brandy 🖤⚡️

After Wilson performed two full songs, the speakers blew out, and the crowd was left waiting for an update on if the venue could resolve the issue. When no announcements were made, and Wilson could see that fans were getting a little antsy, she took matters into her own hands.

Wilson got out on stage with her acoustic guitar, roped one of the stage crew guys into helping her out, and did her best to give the crowd at Billy Bob’s the show they deserved.

I’m sure a lot of readers at this point are wondering how Wilson chose to project her vocals through the massive building. We all know she can belt out some songs, but even the most booming voice needs some help in a place like that.

She got a megaphone.

Yes, a good old-fashioned megaphone with the walkie-talkie detachment.

As Wilson sat on her stool and accompanied herself on guitar, her crew held the megaphone to her while she sang. It might not have been the most clear sounding event, but you have to give Wilson around of applause for trying to make something work.

This is just another instance proving that Lainey Wilson is a one-of-a-kind performer who truly cares about the time and effort made to come to see her by those in the crowd.

Rain, shine, blown speakers, and more, you know that Wilson will give her all to put on a show.

You have to love it.

@mandiii_0619 When @BillyBobsTexas has sound difficulties but @Lainey Wilson is determined to stlll put on a show #laineywilson #billybobstexas #concert ♬ original sound – M A N D I

The show must go on…

@camdeery @Lainey Wilson is the queen of overcoming technical diffuculties. #laineywilson #billybobs #megaphone #texas #watermelonsugar ♬ original sound – Cam

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