Black Bear Takes The Cover Right Off A Hot Tub And Climbs On In

Black bear hot tub

Just like he owns it.

How is this animal that smart? It is crazy what these creatures can do even if it may be accidental.

Black bears are some of the smartest, most capable creatures out there. They can climb, dig, chew through and break into just about anything. They are their own worst enemy often getting themselves into trouble out of curiosity.

Black bears are large animals, weighing up to 600 pounds in some cases. They require a lot of calories, especially since they hibernate for part of the year.

Most of their lives revolve around finding food, so naturally they are pretty good at it. They will eat anything from rotting meat to grass and anything in between.

This often leads to bears coming into urban areas where they find easy food sources in people’s garbage, gardens and anywhere else they can break into to get it.

While they’re around the houses, they get comfortable and start just living their life.

This bear clearly has become very comfortable around these folks.

He is seen climbing up on a hot tub in someone’s back yard. The bear stands up and takes the cover off as if he has done it a million times before, flipping it right off.

He then climbs on in and has himself a relaxing afternoon.

You never know what these bears are going to get into.

@mad_722 This bear is no stranger to the hott tub #fyp #bearneccesites ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

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