Post Malone Admits He Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day: “Johnny Cash Smoked His Whole Life And He Sounded Cool”

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Big fan of the heaters, eh?

Post Malone just may be the most intriguing artist in any genre of music.

From his wildly positive personality, the face tats, unique mix of hip-hop, rap, and R&B, and his love for country music, he’s the kinda guy you’d absolutely love to grab a beer with. He also just seems like the nicest, most humble, down to Earth superstar on the planet.

The man made an appearance on the Full Send podcast, and was asked how many cigarettes he smokes a day.

And boy, his response was wild:

“40, 45. By the time I ask Ben for that second pack I’m like ‘Alright, dude, chill out.’

But then by the time I open that third pack I’m like a total piece of shit and I need to go to sleep.”

He then admitted that the most cigs he ever smoked in a day was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 cigarettes.

EIGHTY… damn, I smoke two and I feel like my lungs have been sliced in half.

He also admitted that he used to smoke them in bed, but now he has a gaming zone where he goes to play Apex and rips them all night long.

When asked if he was worried if it would mess up his voice over time, he said that he was a bit worried, and that his smoking has already started to affect his voice, but added:

“Johnny Cash smoked his whole life and he sounded cool.”

What an answer.

Maybe Posts needs a few  more years of smoking before he drops that country album… gravel up that voice a bit.

Check it out:

Got a pretty cool Johnny Cash tattoo on the arm as well:

Post Malone & Billy Strings Cover Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues”

Back in 2020, Post Malone kicked it with Billy Strings, cooking up some “redneck shit” as Billy referred to it, AKA picking on some Hank Williams and Johnny Cash songs.

And we’ve seen Post show love to everybody from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to Randy Travis, John Michael Montgomery, Shania Twain, Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, and Sturgill.

Needless to say, the dude loves some good country music.

It’s no secret that the rapper/pop singer can play it as well.

He blew us all away with his epic performances of Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have The Crown,” and Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” alongside Dwight Yoakam’s band for Matthew McConaughey’s Texas benefit concert.

And ever since, we’ve been dying for another chance to see him play some country music live and in person…

And it happened last night, at Billy Strings’ concert at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

With his guitar, a beer and a cigarette in hand, he walked on stage and said:

“Billy Strings is the best to ever fucking do it… thanks for having me up. We’re gonna do a Johnny Cash song.

Treating fans to a surprise performance of Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues,” I can’t imagine a more unlikely pair that just works together so damn well.

Based off the old country traditional song, “Little Sadie,” “Cocaine Blues” was reworked by T. J. “Red” Arnall way back in 1947. Johnny Cash would famously perform the tune at his legendary 968 Folsom Prison concert, and then record it for his 1979 album, Silver.

I mean damn, I wish the guy would stop teasing us with these performances, because a full-blown country album from the man himself would be one for the ages.

And a while back, Billy showed some love to Post with a phenomenal bluegrass cover of Post Malone’s “Circles.”

Live from Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, and joined by phenomenal mando picker Sierra Hull, Billy Strings put on a virtual tour during the height of COVID in 2020.

“We had a blast during the virtual tour. Thanks to all you folks that tuned in!!

Here’s our version of Circles by Post Malone with a little help from our friend Sierra Hull.”

Billy and company put their own bluegrass flavor on it and completely made it their own. And naturally, threw in some killer solos on guitar, banjo and mandolin for good measure.

The dude is just stupid talented.

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