Walleye Fisherman Spots A Black Bear Chasing Down A Moose And Her Two Calves Through The Water

bear chasing moose

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The things you can see while you’re out fishing…

You just don’t know what you will come across, but witnessing some of the largest, most ferocious predators out there, fully engaged in a battle, is wild to see.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family and can reach up to 1,500 pounds. The are a massive animal that uses their size to their advantage. They have very long legs and use them to eat water vegetation, where there is less competition and plenty of food in the summer.

Moose are often too large for other animals to have a go at. But their calves are just perfect. They are small, often around 100 pounds and not strong yet, making it easy for prey if they get ahold of them.

Black bears are known to be crazy aggressive predators all of the time, but it certainly happens. Especially with calves, black bears love to prey on the young, old and weak the most.

Even though these things happen, seeing them is just so rare.

These fishermen had themselves some luck while out in the water on this day.

As they are outin their boat fishing for walleye in Canada, they noticed a mother moose swimming for her life with her two calves fresh on her tail.

Then they notice why it’s happening. A black bear is hot on their tail chasing down the calves and the moose are trying to use their swimming to get away.

Even if they had no fish, I would say this had to be a good day out there.

That is one wild thing to see.

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