Man Hits A Deer And Screams Out In Anger: “YOU MOTHER F**KER… I Dropped My Hotdog”

deer hot dog

Not the hotdog…

I’m gonna preface this by saying, I don’t know that the audio is 100% real, meaning that the guy driving actually said this in the moment. It might just be some random dub over from something else. I can’t find any evidence that it’s fake, but even if it is, it’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.


It absolutely sucks hitting a deer with your vehicle. I guess hitting something even bigger would be worse, but that’s beside the point. Between hurting an animal, and possibly yourself, and the  damage done to the a vehicle… it’s just a terrible situation.

Deer seem to be the perfect size to cause some serious damage if you hit them just at the right place. They can weigh as much as 250 pounds, but even their average of around 120 pounds in most areas is enough to do serious damage to many vehicles.

The funny thing about these accidents, is they always seem to happen at the worst time. Not that there is a good time, it just seems to be a less than ideal situation.

This guy was having himself a night as he drove down the road eating his hotdog.

I like to think he is headed home after a long days work and stopped at the local gas station for a snack.

Out of nowhere a buck runs right up out of the ditch and in front of the car as he runs the deer right over. Without hesitation, this man full on lets everyone know how he feels.


I dropped my hotdog!”

Hilarious… completely out of left field, and the way the music starts to build alongside his rage… it’s just too funny.


@kevinzeditzz Bro dropped their hot dog #real ♬ original sound – Kevin™️

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