Retired Doctor Arrested In Nantucket Harbor On Yacht Filled With Guns, Drugs and Prostitutes

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Quite the retirement plan…

Retired doctor Scott Anthony Burke was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Nantucket Harbor after receiving notice that a woman on board felt “unsafe.”

Upon arrival, the cops found prostitutes, narcotics, and firearms on board. The Boston Globe reported:

“Police said contained firearms, cocaine, ketamine, and a distressed woman who had possibly overdosed and who “did not feel safe” on the vessel, according to authorities and legal filings.”

Police received a call Tuesday morning from the 70-foot yacht about a distressed woman who needed medical assistance. It is speculated that the woman could have overdosed on a substance.

In another report, the New York Post, the following items were found once the boat was searched:

“The subsequent search of the yacht allegedly uncovered about 43 grams of cocaine, 14 grams of ketamine, a .380 pistol, three 30-round 9 millimeter magazines, a 12-round magazine in a 9-millimeter pistol, according to the police report.”

Upon this discovery, Burke was read his Miranda rights, and once he was arrested, he told officers that he was the owner of the boat and told the officers where additional firearms were hidden in the vessel.

Burke is not the “gangster” the drugs and firearms would have one thinking. He immediately ratted himself out for all other illegal items on the boat.

I wonder if he told them about the prostitutes or if that was clear… I’m sure his wife and kids loved learning about that one…

Clearly, Burke was enjoying being retired from a controlled industry a little too much. He is not only a retired doctor who previously ran a spine and rehabilitation clinic but also a founder of a Colorado-based company that gives service to those with third-party medical claims.

Burke made a good living for himself before retiring with addresses in Denver, CO, and Key West, Florida.

Thank goodness that property value because I’m sure those legal fees are about to be racking up with all of the charges he is facing.

The one plus side for this whole story is that his medical license retired two years ago, so at least he won’t have to go through a medical board hearing if it were to be revoked.

Naturally, the comments section regarding this news was GOLD:

“Surely if anyone knows how to use drugs responsibly he’s a doctor.”

“Let that man retire in peace, damn!”

“Retirement planning done right.”

“Leave it to the Police to ruin a good time.”

“I mean, it would be a much bigger story if they found a 70-foot yacht WITHOUT drugs and prostitutes!”

Alexa….fire up “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay”

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