Jelly Roll Stops Fight In The Middle Of Emotional Fan Moment: “I’ll Jump Off Here & Slap The F*ck Out Of One Of Y’all”

Jelly Roll country music
Gabriela Morales

Add Jelly Roll to the list of artists who will not put up with fights breaking out during their shows.

Personally, I’ve never understood the need to fight in the pit. You all paid money to be there; enjoy the night and make some friends around you by bonding over the music.

However, for some concertgoers, that is not the case, and fights break out.

Jelly Roll is in the thick of his Backroad Baptism Tour, leaving fans speechless with his outstanding performances and messaging. Jelly Roll uses his past to motivate others through his music, and his tour is filled with motivational chats and more.

This past weekend in Denver, Colorado, his show was briefly paused when a fight in the pit broke out during “Need A Favor.” He paused in the middle of the song to call out the group that started the brawl.

“I normally don’t call sh*t like this out, but whatever happened there was completely un-f*cking necessary, y’all….completely un-f*cking necessary. Don’t let sh*t like that happen in that section no more. 

I appreciate you with the beard intervening in that, by the way. We don’t f*cking fight at a Jelly Roll show. This is a family affair.”

Jelly Roll continues his rant as he is heated about what happened at his show.

“People are going through real sh*t over here. What the f*ck is wrong with you. I’ll jump off here and slap the f*ck out of one of y’all if y’all disrespect the show like that again. Un-f*cking tolerable.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but this is the closest thing to church f*ck-ups like me will ever have right here in this building tonight.”

The last sentence hits home for all that Jelly Roll stands for. His music is a spiritual experience for those who have experienced even a little bit of the hardships that he has, making the bond he shares with his fans so strong.

When he wraps with that sentence, the crowd is cheering so intensely.

Jelly Roll is one of the realest artists on the scene for reasons like this.

@gabrielamorales289 He was rudely interrupted by people fighting. @Jelly Roll love u!! #JellyRole #Denver #fiddlersgreenampitheatre #Concert #Country #Rap #countryrap #whitsettchapel #jellyrol|concert #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Gabriela Morales

Another angle:

@shainaamartinn We need more performers like @Jelly Roll he is one of the purest, authentic and most humble performers i have ever seen live, a night to remember for sure 🩶 #JellyRole #Denver #fiddlersgreenampitheatre #Concert #Country #Rap #countryrap #whitsettchapel #jellyrollconcert #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Shaina

And one more:

@emily84marie Fight broke out while Jelly Roll was having a touching moment with the crowd. So glad he called them out! ~Fiddler’s Green, Denver CO #JellyRoll #Denver #fiddlersgreenampitheatre #Concert #Country #Rap #countryrap #jellyrollconcert #fyp #foryourpage #viral #tattoo #church #fight #idiot ♬ original sound – Emily Marie

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