Fisherman Shows Off His Casting Skills By Nailing Clay Pigeons With A Rod & Lure

Fishing reel clays


That is a cast I certainly can’t compete with…

I would, however, take a tip or two from this man… that is just downright impressive.

Casting skills are a prideful thing in the fishing community. Anglers love to be able to throw the most line and the most accurate line, skip it under a nice dock, park it right next to a piece of cover, whatever it takes to give them the best chances of landing a big one.

Hours and hours of fishing going into perfecting your cast. No matter the rod and reel type, there is a unique method to chucking that line. And for those who dedicate their whole life to the craft, will continue to learn things along the way.

Having the best cast is just like having the best shot. It sets you apart from the rest, gives you a one up to get to those fish in hard places. The better you are at casting, the better you’re going to be at fishing.

And let me say, this guy must be one hell of a fisherman…

He is seen just being downright impressive with the fishing rod.

The man pulls back and fires his lure with ease up into the air, clearly like he has done a million times before.

In slow motion, a clay pigeon comes flying into view. The lure perfectly meets it sending it flying into pieces as it flies to the ground.

Like I said… impressive.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock