Deer Hunter Pulls Pulls Off Classic (And Smelly) Hunting Blind Prank

Deer blind prank

That would ruin the hunt in a hurry.

But that’s certainly a prank they won’t ever forget. And really at the end of the day, that’s what this is all about, making great memories with your family and friends.

Even when the deer are few and far between, sitting in a deer stand can lead to some good times. It is a different situation where wonder, excitement and boredom all set in at the same time. If you’re seeing nothing it sucks, but you can’t move because something might come.

When you crammed in there with someone else, there’s always bound to be a funny moment or two. Whether it’s a joke, or something someone does, sitting in the stand is always a laugh and can lead to bagging a deer.

But sometimes it can just get downright out of hand with a big prank like this here.

Two men are seen sitting in a deer blind when one shows the camera his fart spray as he lets it loose inside the blind.

“Ahh god, my stomach, dude.”

Setting it up perfectly.

His buddy absolutely loses it as he gags and coughs at the same time.

“Did you shit yourself? Oh no, mother of god… I got to get out of here!”

It was THAT bad.

Ruined a good hunt for a joke… worth it.

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A beer bottle on a dock