Zach Bryan And The Boys Host Epic Fantasy Football Draft

Zach Bryan fantasy football
Zach Bryan

The NFL season officially kicks off tomorrow, and you know what that means…

Fantasy Football, baby.

Today is the last day to draft your team before the season starts, and given the recent injuries to stars like Travis Kelce, the hamstring updates on Cooper Kupp, it’s the day that you SHOULD draft your team. If you did your draft three weeks ago, you’re a moron… sorry.

The Whiskey Riff company league draft also gets underway tonight… pray for me, folks.

You hope that this year will win you bragging rights, a little money, a trophy, or keep you from having to sit in Waffle House for 24 straight hours for finishing dead last in your league.

It’s the time of year where even your closest friend is your enemy, as you spend every second of every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday from here on out refreshing the Fantasy Football app, seeing if you have any players popping off.

With that being said, Zach Bryan and his crew just had their Fantasy Football draft, and lucky for us, they documented it all for us to witness.

In the footage, the boys are decked out in wacky suits and dress clothes, with some of them even wearing wigs as they dress the part as their team’s general managers.

Not to mention, the best part is that it looks like they held this all in a hotel conference room, as it’s one of the more official Fantasy Football drafts I’ve seen in my career.

Hopefully Zach and the boys keep us updated on who comes out on top… would also love to know what their punishment is gonna be for the league loser.

But the cherry on top of this entire video? Creed’s “Higher” quietly playing the background

Check it out:

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