Morgan Wallen Went Above And Beyond For Young Fan Battling Kidney Cancer: “It Was Her Best Day Ever”

Morgan Wallen country music

Nothing warms your heart more than seeing country artists go their way to make someone’s day.

Morgan Wallen granted a 9-year-old’s dream during his show at FedEx Field. The young girl, Kenley, was diagnosed with stage two kidney cancer last year and is a massive Wallen fan.

Music Mayhem Magazine reported that Kenley underwent complete kidney removal and 13 lymph nodes before being started on a six-month chemo treatment plan.

Once she completed her chemo in July, Kenley begged her parents to take her to a Morgan Wallen concert.

Wallen made this little girl’s dream come true and more.

Not only could she attend his show, but she was given a private meet and greet with the artist, and Wallen let her take as many photos as she wished and signed everything she had.

“She was treated like a princess from the backstage tour, the access, the takeaways, the general experience. She kept telling me it was her best day ever.”

Said Kenley’s mom.

During the show, she held a sign that played on the lyrics of “Thought You Should Know,” and when he performed the song during his set, Kenley was flashed on the jumbotron holding it.

The crowd went wild when they read her sign.

Wallen sported a #KenleyStrong bracelet while on stage to add a cherry on top of all these magical moments.

“Still in awe of the reality of our FedEx Field Morgan Walen moment Saturday…..and Morgan rocking the #KenleyStrong bracelet the whole concert.

Super Thankful for all of it and to everyone who sent me pics and messages from the concert. We have one very special little girl.”

What an incredible story and amazing that Wallen made for Kenley.

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