Husband Provides Hilarious Commentary As Wife Tries To Pet A Moose: “Moose A** Kicking 101”

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This could’ve ended terribly.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you should never approach any kind of wildlife when they are just minding their own business.

When they’re by themselves, that typically means they want to be alone and unbothered. Not to mention, most creatures are terrified of human interaction, so they’ll either run off in the other direction, or retaliate and attack.

Needless to say, I would never take my chances because I don’t want to get sent to the afterlife by a moose at the age of 25.

But, people tend to do stuff without thinking, and here is a perfect example.

In this hilarious video, you can see a woman slowly approach a moose that appears to be minding its own business, and chomping down on some vegetation.

The woman is walking very cautiously, and slower and slower as she gets closer, probably rethinking the decision.

Perhaps the best part of the whole video is the husband providing some hilarious commentary in the background, saying:

“And here’s my wife who thinks she’s okay to pet a moose. This is proof for the doctors of what her bodily injuries are from.

Yep, this is what not to do video folks. Moose a** kicking 101. Get on up there honey!”

It appears that the woman finally realized that she made a terrible decision, as she stopped a few feet away from the creature. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how the situation played out at the end, but I’d like to think the woman turned back around.

Check it out:

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