Charles Wesley Godwin Beautifully Highlights The Importance Of Family In “Family Ties” Music Video

Charles Wesley Godwin
Charles Wesley Godwin


“Family Ties” is one of those tracks that will stay on repeat for the foreseeable future. Since the release of Charles Wesley Godwin’s Family Ties (Sampler), the lead single has lived up to the hype.

The beautifully written track delivers the hard-hitting message of preserving the ways of family. While the lyrics highlight the changes you see along a new growing family and the changes in landscapes, it highlights keeping some traditional roots and recognizing the hardships your lineage has gone through so you can live the life you do.

Some beautiful visuals now accompany the incredible tune through the official music video’s release.

“The “Family Ties” official music video is out now! Thank y’all so much for the support! We’re very proud of how this turned out.

Remember to tie a line to family and friends to pull you back if you fall through. Thank you to Justin Clough & crew. Enjoy!”

Godwin shared on Instagram, along with a small snippet of the video.

The video makes you feel like you are watching a collection of family home movies. In between the film-style clips, Godwin is sitting in a room singing that is filled with family memorabilia.

As the song continues, the family clips move through time, showing how things have changed over the years. From black and white, on through to color.

The video ends with a zoom-in on a family picture of Godwin, his wife, and kiddos standing on the Ryman stage. It is the perfect wrap-up to highlight how much of a family man Godwin is.

This is how you make a music video to compliment the lyrics.

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