This Fantasy Football Draft Is Going Viral Where The Men Have Their Girlfriends Draft Teams For Them

Fantasy Draft

We’re now only two sleeps away from the kickoff of the NFL season, which means that the fantasy football season is right around the corner.

I’d venture to say that nothing gets a grown adult male more excited than being able to manage an imaginary football team for four months. I might be wrong, but I would definitely say that it is a highlight of the year for many football fans.

A ton of time and energy goes into fantasy football, and the highs and lows of the season all get started with the hope-filled experience of the fantasy football draft. Draft strategies, tier rankings, and favorite player lists all collide in an event that feels just as official as the NFL Draft.

Sometimes the draft is my favorite part of my fantasy football experience (it just depends on how the season turns out), but this group of people managed to figure out a way to put on a fantasy draft that would have my anxiety through the roof.

This video of the way this fantasy league does their draft is now going viral, and for good reason. All of the men that make up the league actually sit the bench for the draft and allow their significant others to pick their teams for them.

The captions overlaying the clip states:

“When the group has a fantasy football draft where the girls pick the team and the boys manage. The boys aren’t allowed to help and must sit at a separate table.”

The women get no help from their fantasy-football-loving partners, and the way they go about selecting their squad is enough to make a regular fantasy player’s skin crawl:

“(The girls) pick players based off of looks and if current spouses are on reality TV, (and many of them) wonder why they can’t pick coaches. Tensions are high. Relationships (are) holding on by a thread.”

It looks like the group is set up at some sort of sports bar, and towards the end of the video, it shows the guys reacting to the teams that their significant others drafted.

Panicked looks sweep over many of the men’s faces as they look over picks, and it says that some of the guys already begin making trades just minutes after the draft concludes.

And in my favorite part of the footage, one man there is absolutely furious at his significant other because she picked two defenses before selecting a running back, which if you aren’t into fantasy, is just an atrocious draft strategy.

Take a look at the hilarious video below:

The viral clip itself is quite entertaining, and the fun continued in the comments sections of the post with Instagram users providing commentary on the draft and how they assumed some of the picks went:

“You know Joe Burrow getting drafted number one overall.”

“Waiver wire about to be loaded.”

“‘The number one pick is….JIMMY Garoppolo!'”

“Two defenses before a running back is hilarious.”

“This would turn my hair grey in like 10 minutes.”

Anyone else brave enough to try?

Still a few days left before the season kicks off…

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