Deer Spotted Taking A Nap On A Couch On The Side Of The Road: “I Sh*t You Not”

Deer naps on couch in the woods
Deborah Broadway Russell

What is happening?

I know deer sleep, I just didn’t think they would do it the same way we do.

You can’t predict what you’re going to come across out there though. It’s a big part of the reason that going into the great outdoors so amazing. The chance to have new amazing experiences every time with new surprises around every corner and bend.

You gotta love it. Every part of it, even the totally weird stuff that you just couldn’t have even made up in your head.

Deer are an unpredictable animal in some cases. If there are a lot of them in an area, you start to see some weird stuff go on. Getting stuck, eating gardens and getting hit by cars and even getting attacked right in backyards.

But this is a new one.

This girl was driving through the woods when she came across an old couch sitting on the side of the road and noticed something very odd.

“See, I shit you not, when I tell you something, I’m not making it up.

There’s a couch on the side of the road with a deer on it, taking a nap. Told ya.”

And there it lies… a deer… on a couch… taking a nap…

I’ve seen it all, now…

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A beer bottle on a dock