Oliver Anthony Reportedly Trapped At Burning Man Amid Rain And Flooding

Oliver Anthony country music

For somebody who lived in a camper up until a few weeks ago, being stranded at a festival in the desert shouldn’t be a problem.

If you haven’t been following what’s going on at Burning Man, the hippie festival for rich influencers that’s held in the Nevada desert every year, 70,000 people were stranded at the festival site in Black Rock City after torrential downpours and the resulting flooding caused the site turn into a giant mud pit.

Attendees were told to conserve food, water and fuel over the weekend after leaving the site became impossible, and EDM DJ Diplo even posted a video of himself and comedian Chris Rock hitching a ride out with some fans who picked them up after walking 5 miles to escape the festival.

But apparently Diplo and Chris Rock weren’t the only celebrities trapped by the flooding at the festival.

“Rick Men North of Richmond” singer Oliver Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) is reportedly among the 70,000 people who are trapped at Black Rock City too.

The news of Anthony being stranded was reported by the Midwestern Marx Institute, who had promoted an interview with Anthony but then later announced that the interview had been canceled after Anthony told them he was trapped at Burning Man.

Obviously there’s been no confirmation from Anthony or his team (does he have a team now? I assume he does) that he is in fact trapped at Burning Man, but you’ve got to think he was a little out of place if he was in fact there…

Either way, if Anthony actually stranded in the desert, we hope that he stays safe and gets out soon.

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