Lainey Wilson Asked A Young Girl Who Was Being Bullied In School To Sign Her Forehead During A Show

Lainey Wilson country music

Bet those bullies aren’t laughing now.

Lainey Wilson is obviously one of the biggest stars in country music right now, so I’d say she’s used to being asked for autographs. But one interaction with a young fan had Lainey asking for the girl’s autograph – on her forehead.

It all started when a fan named Maddie posted to TikTok about how her fellow students were laughing at her at school for dressing like Lainey, the queen of bell-bottom country.

@ilovelaineywilson Top 10 most embarrassing moments ever #laineywilson #taylorswift #bellbottomcountry ♬ Speak Now – Taylor Swift

Her video caught Lainey’s attention, who responded with some words of encouragement for Maddie:

“You do you girl!!  We weren’t made to fit in.. we were made to stand out” 

@ilovelaineywilson Replying to @laineywilsonmusic nobody elses opinion matters. #laineywilson #bellbottomcountrycountrywithaflare ♬ Atta Girl – Lainey Wilson

And then during a concert in New York, Maddie was able to once again catch Lainey’s attention with her unique sign asking the country star to sign her forehead.

Lainey called the young girl up to the stage, but when she got a better look she recognized Maddie from her TikTok.

“I saw you on TikTok…

This is Maddie, and she put up a TikTok and said that people were making fun of her cause she was dressing like me at school.”

After making sure that Maddie did indeed want Lainey to sign her forehead, she was happy to oblige – but she had another request for her young fan and asked Maddie to sign her forehead too.

@ilovelaineywilson Replying to @y0urfav_dirtyblonde thank u @laineywilsonmusic !!! 🤎 #laineywilson #newyork #nyc #lainey ♬ original sound – maddie

Lainey recalled the sweet interaction during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show:

“It made my night.”

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