College Football Freshman Covers The Hell Out Of Eric Church’s Steamy “Wrecking Ball” In Front Of The Team

Brady Harris football
Brady Harris

Talk about an icebreaker.

Belhaven University in Jackson, Alabama, is getting quite the air time right now after a football freshman posted a video of him laying down a killer Eric Church cover.

Meet Brady Harris, freshman running back from Senatobia, Mississippi.

Harris shared a video on his social media during the team’s training camp of him covering Eric Church’s “Like A Wrecking Ball.”

He shared an on-screen caption saying:

“POV: Your college football coach makes you sing in front of the team as a freshman.” 

Reading that caption, you’d think you’re about to unmute the video for some lighthearted fun and team bonding. You know, a kid who is giving his best, but certainly is no country music star in the rising.

Think again.

Harris accompanied himself on guitar and belts out the chorus of the steamy hit from Church’s 2014 album, The Outsiders. 

Of course, it’s pretty common to see freshman players, and even NFL rookies, perform in a “talent show” during training camp. Last year we saw Lions rookie DE Aidan Hutchinson give the team a little Michael Jackson… it’s a football tradition that usually brings about some laughs and some old fashioned team bonding.

But to hit the fellas with a little “Wrecking Ball,” a song about getting down and dirty and tearing the walls down in the process? Hilarious.

Nevertheless, if football doesn’t work out for him, he’s got a solid start for a backup career.

Check out the whole performance while you’re here.

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