Luke Combs Scores 17th #1 Song With “Love You Anyway,” Continues Streak Of Undefeated Radio Single Hits

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David Bergman

Another #1 hit for Luke Combs… his 17th IN A ROW, to be exact.

Luke’s single “Love You Anyway” is topping the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay this week, with his cover of Tracy Chapmans “Fast Car” coming in right behind it at #2.

With that, according to country chart insider Chris Owen,

“Luke becomes the first artist ever to land two solo songs inside the Top 2 on Billboard Country Airplay; going back 33+ years since the chart started.”

He added that nobody has ever had two solo songs from the same artist simultaneously inside the top 2 on either Mediabase country or the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The closest person to that record prior to Luke was when Morgan Wallen had two inside the top 5 back in June.

Impressive doesn’t feel like a string enough word for that statistic, but it’s what comes to mind first:

That also makes it 17 #1 singles in a row for the North Carolina native; 16 on the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay chart and all 17 (soon to be) on the Mediabase country chart, both of which labels use to officially track their songs performance.

Which means, every single Luke has ever sent to country radio has become a #1 hit, beginning back in 2016 with his debut single “Hurricane.”

Alabama has the country music record at 21 consecutive chart-toppers, which they achieved over a 7-year span from 1980 to 1987.

And with Luke still in the absolute prime of his career, not even at the peak of his success, I’d say there is a good chance he can make a serious run at the all-time record with this insane momentum.

It’s unprecedented what he’s doing in terms of streaming numbers and radio hits, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon:

From his his fourth studio album Gettin’ Old, Luke took to Instagram a while back to share the story behind “Love You Anyway,” as well as the inspiration behind the title.

He said:

“Valentine’s Day 2020. I was playing a show and had dedicated ‘Beautiful Crazy’ to Nicole and said, ‘If you’re in here (the arena), I love you. If not, you know I do anyway.’

Unknown to me, my buddy Dan wrote down ‘Love You Anyway’ as a title in his phone after hearing that, then he told me the story later that month when he and I were writing with my good friend Ray Fulcher.

We loved the idea as a title and decided to write about loving someone so much that even if you knew from the beginning they were going to break your heart, you’d love them anyway. It came off very poetic and we wanted to find the words that could really give meaning to what we were trying to say, but as we say in the song, we didn’t know if there were deep enough words made for that.

But it all came together and essentially it’s a heartbreak and love song all in one. And long story short, me dedicating a song I wrote about Nicole ended up turning into another song about Nicole, and how three years later the song is finally out at the same time of year. It’s a special one to me and I hope y’all love it as much as I do.”

Co-written by Luke alongside Ray Fulcher, and Reid Isbell, it’s a simple country song about experiencing heartbreak and real love as he describes that, even if the pain of losing a relationship put him through hell, he’d do all over again in a heartbeat.

Stay tuned, because he should be choosing another single, and likely future 18th #1 hit, to send to country radio here soon.

“Love You Anyway”

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