Kayak Fishermen Face Near-Death Lightning Strike While On Water

Lightning strikes water

That will get your heart racing…

You would not believe this kind of video had it not been caught on camera.

Two fishermen were having a relaxing afternoon casting some rods, hoping to land a big ole fish. While they were in their kayaks, the sky above them grew increasingly darker, indicating a storm was rolling in.

Wasn’t dark enough to reel in their lines for the day… yet.

While sporadic storms pop up all around the South during the summertime, the two fishermen were proceeding with caution when they suddenly were faced with a near-death experience.

As one of the men is reeling in his line, lightning strikes just inches away from his kayak.

The shock from the strike set the fishermen into action, quickly trying to get off the lake.

“Oh my god… put your rods down… come on!” 

Even watching the strike on camera makes my heart race, so I can only imagine how the guys in the boats must have felt.

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A beer bottle on a dock