Fly Fisherman Looks Up In Tree To See A Bear Cub Just Hanging Out Above Him

Fishing bear

Fly fishing is really an art form, and requires a mental focus and masterful technique to cast the ultra light weight lure out onto the water.

For those that are just getting started, learning how to fly fish properly can actually be pretty daunting. You really just want it to be you, the reel, and the water when you get out there to start ripping lips. This fly fisherman didn’t have that luxury…

Now, it wasn’t that this bear cub was bothering the fisherman, but it just hanging out near him (literally) probably gave the person a little bit of concern. The person fishing wasn’t worried about the cub doing anything, but was instead checking over their shoulder every once in a while for the dreaded counterpart of the bear cub: the mother bear.

When you see a bear cub, as cute as they may look, you should keep your distance. One moment you could be walking up to a baby bear, and the next you could be fighting for your life against a defensive, aggravated, full-grown momma bear.

So that’s why this relaxing afternoon of fly fishing (in some breathtaking scenery if I may add) was accompanied with a little bit of tension. And I mean that for the fly fisherman, not the bear cub.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a wild animal so comfortable. That bear is relaxing and living its best life, partaking in as close to a “spa day” as a bear cub is ever going to be able to experience. No worries in the world from that baby bear…

Personally, I would be a little worried that I would move a little bit in my sleep and fall off the branch, and that looks like it would be a pretty far fall. This bear cub clearly isn’t worried about that though, since it’s too busy snoozing the day away listening to the running water of the river.

Now that I think about it, I actually think I’m jealous of the fly fisherman AND the baby bear. Both of them seem to really be maximizing their relaxation levels, and now I’ve got to figure out what I can do to achieve that same enjoyment.

I guess I’ll just treat myself to a weekend full of college football…

Take a look at the hilarious fishing encounter, which was captioned with a quote from the perspective of the bear:

“Let me know if you catch anything, I’ma just hangout up here until they start biting.”

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A beer bottle on a dock