Megan Moroney Daydreams Of “A White Dress And Picket Fences” In Unreleased Song, “Nothing Crazy”

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If this song ain’t the God’s honest truth…

Megan Moroney debuted a brand new song titled “Nothing Crazy” during a soundcheck recently, where she details the beginning of a new relationship and how the guy she’s talking to doesn’t want anything “crazy,” referencing his past relationship with an ex.

She tells him she’s fine with that, essentially admitting that she’s “not like other girls,” agreeing that they should take things slow.

But something that we ladies understand all too well, and I think is quite a foreign concept to many men, that was a big ‘ol lie and she was hooked after the first kiss.

She immediately starts daydreaming about a wedding, and subsequently starts naming their imaginary children and pets in the process, and if you’re a female who can honestly say you’ve never done that before, more power to ya (and I need to talk to you about some advice):

“Cause I’m picking out a white dress and picket fences
Got the whole thing planned in a board on Pinterest
Heard he’s got a little bit of family money
Trust me, didn’t know he had a trust fund honey

I can’t wait for our second date,
Maybe he’ll show up with his grandmas ring
Till then ill be spending time naming our dogs and babies
You know, nothing crazy”

I think this is exactly the kind of thing a lot of men think of when they say girls are being “crazy,” and I love that she took the concept and wrote such a cheeky, funny, and really damn honest little tune about it.

Megan shared that she wrote “Nothing Crazy” with the same co-writers as “I’m Not Pretty,” “Mustang or Me,” and Hair Salon” in Ben Williams and Micah and Mackenzie Carpenter, and I cannot wait to hopefully hear the full, studio version one day.

We need it:

“The same group that wrote ‘I’m Not Pretty,’ ‘Mustang or Me,’ and ‘Hair Salon’ wrote this one.”


@megmoroney the same group that wrote im not pretty, mustang or me, & hair salon wrote this one 🤪 @Mackenzie Carpenter @micahc99 @Ben Williams ♬ original sound – Megan Moroney

And speaking of “Hair Salon,” I think this is still my favorite Megan Moroney song…

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