Man Demonstrates The Bite Force Of A Piranha, Snaps A Stick Like A Toothpick

Piranha fishing
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Whatever works.

When you are in nature, sometimes you need to improvise to make things easier. I guess if you’re in the South America, piranhas might be the answer to some things.

Piranhas are little fish with a massive reputation that is well-earned. They only grow to around 10 inches long usually, but they are feared far and wide.

Why is something so small, so feared? Because of their ferocious bite. They have razor-sharp teeth that are designed to tear and rip through flesh, and since they travel and hunt in large schools, like wolves, we’re talking A LOT of bites for their poor victims.

Their bite force is known to be 72 pounds per square inch, which might not not seem like a lot but relative to their size, it’s the strongest pound for pound bite of all fish. If they were the same size as an alligator, their bite would be three times as strong.

Most of the time people think of piranhas having one of their dramatic feeding frenzies where the water boils over where they are attacking, but they also eat plants too.

This fella decided to use that and the piranha’s bite to his advantage while out on the river.

To break up a stick the man holds the piranha then places the stick in its opened mouth. The piranha bites down perfectly breaking the stick just like a set of scissors.

Just don’t lose a finger…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock