Florida Surfer Jumps Through A Massive School Of Sharks To Get Into Shore

Florida surfer sharks

No, thank you.

Surfing and sharks just seem to go together. Very few folks seem to have as many encounters as surfers. From beneath they could look like another animal, like a seal, drawing in the predators.

When it comes to sharks, Florida is home to its fair share. Volusia County is even the shark bite capital according to some folks.

The beach there houses many small bait fish which draw in sharks by the hundreds looking for an easy meal. Oddly enough, this is where some of the best waves in Florida are. So surfers flock there and there’s more sharks than anywhere else, there’s just bound to be more encounters.

It’s hard to blame the sharks for being there, or the surfers for wanting to be out there… but sharks are just a risk of the trade.

This surfer didn’t seem to mind the excess of sharks present in the inlet in Florida.

The surfer is seen making his way into shore when he comes across a school of sharks. The school is completely blocking off the shore and the mans way in.

He thinks for a second then jumps into action. He takes a few strong steps and leaps landing on his surfboard as he attempts to glide overtop of them.

Easy peasy…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock