Mother Shares Tender Moment Of Her 4-Year-Old In Awe Of Luke Combs During Concert

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And the award for Parent of the Year goes to…

I think I speak for the majority when I say we all remember snippets of your first concert. Whether it was a song, maybe reflecting the feeling of awe when you see how packed the venue is, or enjoying popcorn and soda while watching this “big” show.

Core memories are made at concerts.

A mother who recently took her toddler to a Luke Combs concert shared the cutest moment of realization he had during the show.

“That moment you knew taking your Luke Combs obsessed 4-year-old to his concert was 1000% worth it…”

She wrote in an on-screen caption.

The tender moment occurred during “Fast Car” during one of his shows in Philadelphia, and I can’t blame this kid for being in awe of what he was witnessing.

After seeing a portion of the song, she pans the camera down to her son, and he is just jaw-dropped, thinking about how many people are at Combs’ show.

“Mommy, this is so crazy…  I don’t know how all these people in the stadium know this song.”

As the crowd belts out the chorus with Combs, the kid sits there, taking every bit of it in.

If this doesn’t highlight the power of music, I’m not sure what does…

This is one of the best feel-good clips I have seen in a hot minute, and people in the comments agreed.

“Crying. Dids at concerts make me so emotional, lol.”

“This made me cry! Normalize taking our Littles to concerts!”

“Best memory ever.”

“He was having a life-changing moment. Go mamma.”

“Kids are really such innocent little souls, he was really taking it all in.”

“This is so heartwarming.”

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