House Cat Goes Full Lion Mode Quietly Stalking A Deer: “My Cat Thinking She Can Take Down A Deer”

house cat deer
Ciri and Suzie

It never ceases to amaze me how small, domesticated animals aren’t afraid to go toe to toe with much larger wild animals.

We’ve seen dogs not back down against bears and mountain lions before in the past, even though both of those creatures could rip a dog to shreds if they felt threatened enough.

However, I must admit that I’ve never seen a video of a cat preying on a much larger wild animal before…

Until now.

Okay, okay, I know this “much larger wild animal” is a deer, but we’re talking about your average house cat here.

In this hilarious video footage, you can see the cat squatted down on all fours, stalking a deer that’s minding its own business, looking like it’s getting ready for the kill. Channeling its inner lion, it gets nice and low, ready to pounce.

Unfortunately, the video cuts out so we don’t get to see if the cat actually goes in for the attack or not, but I’m gonna go ahead and bet the house and say it didn’t.

Nevertheless, it’s still a hilarious video.

I love the caption too:

“Not my cat thinking she can take down a deer.”

Check it out:

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