Roe Deer Bark Sounds Straight Out Of A Horror Film

Roe deer bark

If you heard this while walking through the wood, there’s a zero percent chance you’d think it was a deer.

Roe deer are a small, reddish-brown deer that is found throughout Europe from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and Scotland to Caucasus.

They stand 3 to 4 feet in height and weigh around 35-75 pounds. And surprisingly, despite their small size, they are closely related to moose and reindeer.

In general, they act like deer commonly found in the United States, except for one major difference: Their voice.

Most people believe whitetail deer are silent, but males do make some vocalizations when trying to impress females. The most known is a low rumbling noise similar to a drill in the distance.

Here’s a video of a whitetail buck making some vocalizations.

Pretty cool, but not something I would categorize as impressive, and certainly not scary.

Well, the roe deer is very different, as we’re about to see in this video.

There’s really not much to describe the sound it makes when threatened other than a scream-like bark which is so loud that is echoes through the forest.

Just give it a listen for yourself. It’s both scary and honestly… super funny.

I mean what?

If you’re walking alone in the woods, you’ll be running back to your buddies swearing you just heard a sasquatch.

Yet again, nature never fails to impress…

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