Koe Wetzel Recalls Running From The Police And Getting Citizen’s Arrested: “This Punk A** Kid Just Tackles Me”

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This is one of my all-time favorite Koe stories.

A while back, we posted an article about a super cool Airbnb that’s essentially a tree house, and is located only a few miles from the legendary concert venue Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas.

And as it turns out, Texas rockstar Koe Wetzel is quite familiar with the place, and said he’d stayed there for a weekend before and wound up getting arrested during the trip:

And when Koe stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast last year, the guys of course had to get the full story of what really went down.

Koe says that they were in town to play a show called Conway’s in New Braunfels over Fourth of July weekend, around the time he dropped Noise Complaint in 2016.

They’d wound up renting that tree house Airbnb for the whole weekend, seeing as it’s located right on the lake and they wanted to stay and celebrate the Fourth.

After a few hours of hanging out drinking at the pool, during what Koe calls his “Rumple Minze era” (which sounds bad enough as it is), he went down to the lake and saw a boat go by where he heard the people blaring Noise Complaint, and they actually realized it was Koe from the boat:

“Somebody on there goes, ‘Holy shit, is that Koe?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, what’s up?’

And I got a bottle of Rump, they pull up and they’re like ‘Hey, wanna come ride around with us?’ And I have no clue who these people are…”

So he leaves all his friends at the house and goes out on the boat with these total strangers for the rest of the afternoon, finishes the bottle of Rumple Minze, then finally decides to go back and find out what everyone was doing.

He’s blackout at this point, if that wasn’t obvious by the fact that he finished that entire bottle by himself, and his security guy told him all his friends left and told him not to tell Koe where they went…

Of course, Koe then hits the town in search of the rest of his crew, and eventually finds them at one of the bars there:

“Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, fuck. Here we go.’ And they could tell I was drunk.’ This last bar we go to, this guy’s sitting there, and he’s like ‘Hey, I’m not letting you in. You’re way too drunk.’

And I was like whatever, kinda throwing my card at him. Just walk right by him, go straight to the bar trying to order.

Well a cop comes and grabs me, takes me outside and he’s sittin’ there, and he’s looking at everybody.”

And Koe admits it was a rather embarrassing situation, especially after his lawyer made him watch the whole ordeal on video from the body cam later on:

“And my lawyer made me watch it on the body cam, which was pretty embarrassing. But he was like, ‘Yeah, you’re going to jail.’ I’m like, ‘I’m going to jail?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, buddy.’

Before he could even turn around, I was gone. I was sprinting, I start running, and I drop my phone.”

He turns back to grab his phone, and before he could even pick it up, some random kid, who I guess had been watching it all go down nearby, literally tackles him for the cop… yep, a bone fide citizen’s arrest situation:

“And I go back to pick up my phone, and this punk ass kid just tackles me, bro. And gets me on the ground, and this cop comes, pulls a gun on me.

Dre’s sittin’ there behind him like, ‘Koe, just stop moving, just stop moving!’ And I’m just sitting down like, damn.

I got citizen’s arrested by a kid that went to Texas State. If you’re out there, you’re a little bitch. Dude, I was so pissed.”

Citizen’s arrested by a punk ass kid from Texas State… you can’t make that kinda stuff up.

And not only that, but he had to sit in jail for a few days since this was over a holiday weekend and no judge or anyone else was there to process anything so he could leave.

Had Koe not bolted off and run from the cop, though, he probably would’ve gotten a lesser charge:

“It was just gonna be a PI (public intoxication), but my dumbass thought it’d be great to run.

I think one of my buddy’s was like, ‘Run!’ Or something like that, maybe.

This was like semi-after me playing college football, so I was in better shape, I was like, oh yeah, dude, I can definitely outrun this dude.”

He might’ve been able to easily outrun the cop, but not the stealthy young man from Texas State who was going to make sure justice was served.

And if you are said kid from Texas State and can prove it, please reach out to us… we need to hear the other side of the story.

Koe telling the story himself is entertaining to say the least, so make sure you check that out here:

@whiskeyriff “My lawyer made me watch it on bodycam…which was pretty embarrasing. // Check out Whiskey Riff Raff for the full episode #whiskeyriff #whiskeyriffraff #koewetzel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

You can watch the full podcast episode below, it’s a great one and well-worth it if you missed it last year:


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