Herd Of Bison Bulls Fight Near Tourists’ Cars During The Rut In Yellowstone National Park

Bison fight yellowstone national park
BE Judson

Love and lust on the Yellowstone Highway…

While bison are always impressive, things kick into high gear around the month of August.

Bison, like many creatures, don’t breed all year round, but instead save it up for a period of time called the rut, where hormonal levels spike wildly and bulls begins leaving their herds in search of a female in estrus.

As you’d expect, these high testosterone levels don’t only play out in mating rituals and often they are forced to take out their aggression on other males encroaching on their territory or potential partners.

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park got to witness this play out on a grand scale when drivers pulled up on a herd of bulls stamping the ground and squaring up with each other just off the side of the road in Lamar Valley.

Multiple fights broke out in a short amount of time, each one showcasing the raw power these beasts have along with their stubbornness and willingness to put it all out on the line to pass down their genes.

One of these fights happened very close to a truck parked on the road and you just know the owners was sweating bullets and hoping that one of those horns or hooves wouldn’t damage his Ram, because we’ve seen the type of damage that can be inflicted on a vehicle.

Fortunately, it seems these tourists were able to witness the beauty of nature and get away unscathed, which proves yet again that I need to get myself out to Yellowstone as soon as possible.

And good job not getting out of your cars for a better picture. We see way too many tourons these days…

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