Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Stunning Live Performance Videos Of “All Again” And “West of Lonesome”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
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This Tuesday just got a whole lot better.

Charles Wesley Godwin released a few live perfomance videos today filmed at Echo Mountain Recording studios in Asheville, North Carolina, where he also recorded his forthcoming major label debut album, Family Ties.

The album was actually recorded before CWG inked a deal with Big Loud, and he released a Family Ties Sampler EP upon the official album announcement which includes two of the tracks we’re talking about today, “All Again” and “West of Lonesome.”

Of course, Charles’ vocals sound incredible, and his band The Allegheny High are perfectly in tune backing him.

It’s a stunning studio, as well, and you can see all of the gorgeous stained glass windows of the former church front and center, which sits on the edge of downtown Asheville and only adds to the richness, beauty and depth of these songs.

“West of Lonesome” is a heartbreaking ballad of love lost, and trying to pick up and find yourself in the lonely wilderness, while “All Again” documents how everything that’s happened in his life has led him to where he is now:

“It’s about how my life has gone, and some things didn’t go as I planned or wanted them to at the moment.

Like, never getting to play college football even though I wanted to so bad, but that led me to picking up a guitar. Which then led me to meeting who would become my wife, which led to our kids. 

You know, the whole point of that song is basically to say all the twists and turns and the ups and downs in life for all of it…to where I’m at right now, with my life and my family, I’d do it all over again.

That’s a song that is going to be on the album, but we were so excited to go out and play it we just started playing it at our live shows anyways.”

“All Again” is my personal favorite, but CWG and the boys simply do not miss, so make sure you check out both videos below… you’ll be glad you did.

“All Again”

“West of Lonesome”

Family Ties Tracklist:

Tell the Babies I Love Them (Overture)
Family Ties
Miner Imperfections
The Flood
All Again
Dance in Rain
Another Leaf
That Time Again
Skyline Blues
West of Lonesome
Two Weeks Gone
Soul Like Mine
Willing and Able
Cue Country Roads
Take Me Home, Country Roads
By Your Side (Underture)

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