Nevada Tribal Rangers Ram Through Climate Protestors Blocking The Road To Burning Man Festival

Nevada tribal ranger protest

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Climate change activists are known for using disruptive tactics to get their point across, from shutting down roads to gluing themselves to basketball courts.

But apparently the Rangers in the area aren’t playing their games.

Video shows protestors from climate change groups Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion setting up a roadblock in Nevada, in the middle of the street leading to the Burning Man festival, which kicked off this past weekend in Black Rock City.

The protestors chained themselves to trailers and had signs blocking the road, causing a traffic jam that reportedly was backed up for miles. The groups were demanding that Burning Man ban private jets and single-use plastics from its grounds.

But one Ranger from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe had had enough – and promptly cleared the roadway with his vehicle.

Video shows the Ranger warning the protestors to clear the road, or else:

“Get off the highway. This is a state route. Everybody will be arrested if not.

30 seconds. Send your leader to my vehicle and let’s talk. Get off the f*cking road.”

But apparently the diplomatic approach didn’t work, and another Ranger then pulled up and rammed the blockade with his truck to clear the road.

The Ranger then circled back around and got out of his truck to detain the protestors, ordering them to the ground as they screamed that they were “non-violent.”

They then promptly rounded up the protestors and cleared the street for the long line of waiting traffic.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe released a statement in response to the incident, saying that the officer involved is under investigation. In total, five protestors – all from out of state – were arrested on the scene.

Honestly, I’m not sure what there is to investigate. This looks like the right way to handle these assholes to me.

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