Jelly Roll Finally Finds His Album At A Walmart In Rogers, Arkansas: “I Am F*ckin’ Fired Up”

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Jelly Roll

When Jelly Roll released his country album Whitsitt Chapel back in June, there was no better video about it than when Jelly went to Walmart to buy it on vinyl… and they didn’t have it.

Of course, the video of Walmart breaking Jelly Roll’s heart went viral, and one might have assumed that the “Son of a Sinner” might never try to go to superstore in search for his album again.

However, a recent stop on his Backroad Baptism tour had him play at the Walmart Amphitheater in Rogers, Arkansas, and that got the rapper-turned-country-singer thinking…

Jelly took to Instagram to share the story of his most recent Walmart adventure, and didn’t leave a single detail out of the video. He first begins the clip by hilariously messing up his intro, then gets it right the second time by saying:

“Good morning TikTok, I just took my morning poop! I just woke up in Rogers, Arkansas…forgive my hair, I know I look like a fat cockatoo. And I realized we were playing the Walmart Amphitheater, which made me think about Walmart, and how the last time I went, they didn’t have any of my vinyls.

And I was like ‘damn, I wonder if they have a Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas since this is the Walmart Amphitheater.’ I did a little research, and guess what I found out? Y’all ready for this? Rogers, Arkansas is the home of Walmart. We are going to go to a Walmart, in the home of Walmart.”

The video then switches to a voiceover of Jelly Roll speaking about how nice the Walmart that they went to is. He hilariously calls himself out about his “waddle” as he walks into the Walmart, and then talks about how he saw a pumpkin in the store, which got him pumped for Fall:

“Dude, they’ve already got f**king Halloween stuff up. I am f**king fired up. Scarecrows and pumpkins and sh*t.”

Roll continues to make a bee-line back towards where the vinyl section is, saying that all Walmart are set up the exact same way. Once he finishes saying that, his eyes lock on to the vinyls that are set up at the end of one of the aisles, and he get’s hyped when he realizes they are all his:

“That’s what I’m talking about baby! Yes! That’s how the f**k…yes! That’s what I’m talking about. Take one of these, one of these. Yes, baby! That’s what I’m talking about, Walmart!”

Jelly Roll was clearly enjoying this Walmart experience more than he did his last one, and celebrated the occasion by interacting with fans inside the store. After pausing for a picture and speaking with an older couple, Roll turned the corner into the actual vinyl section and was shocked to find that it was just a sea of Whitsitt Chapel records. In his voiceover, he stated:

“You can tell how excited I really am. This is a really big deal to be in Walmart. This is really big for a kid like me.”

The rest of the footage shows Jelly Roll interacting with Walmart employees, taking pictures with others in the store, and telling people how happy he was that his vinyl was in the store after his first bad experience with the Walmart in his hometown of Nashville.

This clip, like all the videos that Jelly Roll shares, is well worth your time. Take a look:

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