Drunk Tourist Stumbles Into Hot Spring At Yellowstone National Park, Gets Burned & Banned For Life

Yellowstone abyss pool
Yellowstone National Park

I’ll never understand why people feel the need to get near a hot spring, and even stick a body part into it.

I mean, what’s the end result to this? Do people really wonder that much if a “hot” spring is actually hot?

Well, if you’re one of those people, I’ll go ahead and save you the pain right now by saying that they can get up to 100 degrees.

With that being said, one moron tourist had the great idea of getting hammered drunk at Yellowstone National Park, ultimately resulting in him stumbling into one of the park’s hot springs…

And now he faces serious charges

According to CNN travel, the culprit is 49-year-old Jason Wicks of Hillman, Michigan, who was arraigned Wednesday on charges of off-trail travel in a Yellowstone National Park thermal area, and being under the influence of alcohol or drugs “to the degree he was a danger to himself or others.”

On top of that, Wicks landed himself a lifetime ban from Yellowstone National Park for his actions.

And of course, he pleaded not guilty.

And to make matters worse, Wicks suffered a thermal burn to his foot after making his way into the hot spring.

I guess the only thing I can say for Wicks is that I hope the alcohol helped ease the pain a little bit, because this is an all time “touron” moment.

A few years back, a man tried “hot tub” in a Yellowstone thermal pool and died when he slipped and fell in. He was trying to “check the temperature,” which was over 200 degrees.

He was immediately boiled alive and his body “dissolved” due to the extreme temperature.

So for our drunk Michigan man… yeah… could’ve been A LOT worse.

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