Wolves Seen Taking “Toys” Back To Pups In Their Dens At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone wolves

Many of us have owned a dog before, or at least our families have.

When they’re puppies and they start to teeth, you know that they find anything they possibly can to chew on…

From couch cushions, to bones, chew toys, and even your own finger, it’s just a part of the process when their teeth start to come in.

With that being said, wolf pups go through this exact same process too, and it’s up to their mamas to help them teeth correctly.

On top of that, wolf pups enjoy just having a “toy” to play with and chew on, just like our own pets.

And if we needed the perfect example of that, here it is.

Trail camera footage at Yellowstone National Park shows gray wolves heading back to their dens with so called “toys” such as sticks, antlers, and bones, all for the pups to chew on and play with.

Yellowstone National Park said in the post:

“The instinct to bring items back to the den may be reinforced by evolution, and probably helps keep adults from being mobbed by sharp puppy teeth.”

Of course, this video footage was taken this past spring, as wolf litters are normally born in mid-April.

Check it out:

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