Tourists Idiotically Gather Around Mother Bear & Her Two Cubs At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone grizzly bear

Do people just not understand how ferocious and violent bears (specifically mother bears) can be?

Clearly no one in this video was bright enough to figure out that bears have been known to attack people, especially when cubs are involved. In fact, around 70% of incidents where a grizzly bear attacks and kills a human being, the cause of the attack is that the bear was defending her offspring.

The stupidity from this mass of Yellowstone tourists has to be seen to be believed. People were “oohing” and “awing” and taking pictures of the group of bears, which is fine from a safe distance (which is very far away), but is not recommended to do up close and personal, unless you like to have your limbs ripped off.

There’s just something about Yellowstone National Park that brings the ignorance out of people. Maybe its that the air is too fresh, or all the hot springs are emitting some sort of mist that affects people’s thinking. It has to be something, because there’s no explanation for this big of a group of people standing around and messing with a mother bear and her cubs.

The person who initially posted the video described the scene as:

“This morning at Grand Prismatic. Momma grizzly and her two 2 year old cubs…told people to leave and no one moved. I tried my best to get them away but man these people were clueless. We eventually had to bail but they were getting even closer as I left.”

Grand Prismatic, where this scene unfolded, is a prominent geyser that is a popular tourist stop within Yellowstone National Park. The park service recommends that people visiting Yellowstone should never get closer than 100 yards to a bear, and should never approach bears for pictures. Those warnings are often overlooked, with people regularly walking up to bears, bison, elk, and other dangerous wildlife within the park.

Imagine trying to help keep people safe, and them just ignoring you? That’s why the person recording eventually just left, because they felt they had done all they could do to help. Like the old saying goes, you can lead a bunch of idiots to a bear, but you can’t make them leave.

The clip was posted to a popular Instagram account called “Tourons of Yellowstone,” which shines a light on idiotic Yellowstone tourist antics. Combining the words “tourist” and “moron” to form “touron” is quite possibly one of my favorite word creations I’ve ever seen. I’ve definitely added “touron” into my regular vocabulary.

Anyways, watch a bunch of people dance with death by bothering a sow grizzly and her cubs in the video below:

We unfortunately don’t know how things went down after the person who was videoing the whole thing left (because they were concerned for their own safety).

I’m sure we would have heard about a bear going on a rampage in Yellowstone if something did happen, so it seems like these idiots luckily got away…

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