Man Wearing Jorts Accidentally Blows Up His Entire Yard Trying To Get Rid Of Pests

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What the hell did he put down that hole?

At some point in life you’re bound to face one of the more frustrating problems of being a homeowner: Critters digging holes and tunnels under your yard.

Whether it’s moles, groundhogs, ants, roaches, rabbits, or any number of pesky creatures, when you have a nicely groomed plot of grass and fertilized soil, wildlife is going to take notice and try to move it.

Most people take a conventional route to get rid of the problem and simply call an exterminator, set a trap, or get out the trusty rifle and handle their pest.

But some people, decide to take a much more explosive approach…

Like this guy, who decided he’d pull out the old firecracker down the hole trick, but instead of a firecracker he used, well, to be honest I’m not exactly sure what he used because the result was certainly a bit more than expected…

Dressed in the classic dad outfit of jorts, flip flops, and a polo shirt with sunglasses folded into the buttons, the guy must have gotten a bit too excited with whatever explosives he shoved in the hole, because when he finally got a lit match down there it was game over.

The ENTIRE yard exploded, sending dirt high into the air, especially for a tiny space like that. He clearly wasn’t expecting this given the two dogs that were chilling in the yard with him, but man, what the hell were you thinking?

Did you go down to the local firework store and ask for the biggest thing they had? Or did you meet with some guy in a trench coat you found on Craigslist?

I mean he’s lucky it was only the yard that got damaged. If that was miscalculated just a bit more, rodents would be the least of his worries.

Fortunately, all seemed to be okay, but my goodness that was insane…

Next time, just call in a professional. It’s safer that way.

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