No One Knows What This Wild Looking Creature Is That Was Spotted In A Texas Backyard

unidentified creature
CBS 5 San Antonio

There’s plenty of wild animals out there, but I don’t know of any that look like this guy…

Tina Kahlig is a resident of Hill Country Village outside of San Antonio, Texas and posted some pictures she took of a creature roaming in her backyard that didn’t look like anything she’d ever seen before.

It slightly resembled a dog, but had a long neck and tail, big ears, and its fur resembled a deer. The animal was interested in some berries growing on a bush and knocked some to the ground before eating them.

Take a look for yourself.



I mean what? Pretty crazy looking.

Naturally, people began chiming in with their thoughts on what it could be, and one of the more popular ideas is a Chupacabra, a reptile-like creature that can leap like a kangaroo and feeds on the blood of live animals.

A request has been made for the state’s game commission to chime in, but so far they have remained silent.

I’m going Chupacabra. With all the madness in the world these days, it’s about time some mysterious creatures arises from the dark to give us a good scare.

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